Thursday, June 29, 2006

Welcome Seth Jacob

Hi all,

Here he is! (Sorry the picuture quality is so bad. I'm working on getting better stuff posted.)

ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH! Blogger won't post the photo! Okay, how about this. Here's the link to the hospital's online nursery:

UPDATE: Here's the photo that the above link goes to:

Born in June 2006 by c-section at 1:14 PM.
6 lbs. 10.7 oz.
19 1/4 in.

Sorry about the long wait for information. If I'd had internet access while in the hospital, I could've kept everyone updated. (I was there for four days with lots of time on my hands.) After being released on Monday, I unexpectedly found myself in a lot of post-operative pain, which has kept me from coming online to post pictures. (In fact, I started this post yesterday but had to stop to go to the doctor.) Bob and I are living with his parents right now, who are taking good care of Seth and me.

Okay, details.

From my last post, you know I visited my OB on Wednesday morning. She told me I was 2 cm. dilated and 70% (75%?) effaced. She pulled me off of work, and I admit I was actually pretty relieved to have a week to prepare.

But then I went into labor at 1 AM the very next morning. And there was no slow, gradual lead-up to the real deal. From the very beginning, my contractions were a minute and a half apart. I couldn't believe it! My original plan had been to putter around during early labor -- you know, pack my bag, pack a diaper bag, make cookies for the labor nurses. Basically just killing time. Nope, no time killing for me.

At 3 AM, I called the midwife on call to ask, "Hey, what's going on here? I'm a first timer. Why are these contractions so close together. A minute and a half apart for the last two hours. Is this false labor? If so, it really sucks." She convinced me to labor at home a bit longer, which I did in the shower until the hot water ran out.

By 5 AM, Bob was trucking me down to the hospital, asking me how fast he should be driving. (Between contractions I told him that normal speed was fine, but I think I mentioned something about getting a move on during one of the contractions.)

So to make a short story long, we arrived at 5:30 AM. (Thank you, Amy and Kristi, for convincing me not to go to TC to deliver. You were both right. A two-hour drive to TC would've been the longest car ride in my life.)

At the check-in station in the Emergency Room, I asked the woman if she had the epidural paperwork. She laughed and said, no, they would have tha paperwork upstairs. Then a nurse from OB came down to walk with me up to the OB floor. I asked her if she had the epidural paperwork. She smiled. No, I needed to be evaluated first. Plus, I had to get to 5 cm. before they would give me an epidural. I remember whining something about "Can't I get it at 4 centimeters?"

Bob says my face lit up during the initial exam when the nurse told me, "Well, you're dilated to five. Do you want me order the epidural?" I couldn't believe it! I was already dilated to five centimeters! Hot damn and hallelujah! Yes! Give me the paperwork!

Unfortunately, it took the on-call anesthesiologist an hour and half to arrive, so I continued to labor, and not like a trouper, either. I said many bad words under my breath. I found myself wishing I'd paid more attention during the breathing parts of the childbirth education classes.

Well, that's it for now. More to come. I have lots more to tell, and lots of pictures to post


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is so cute!! I am so glad you did not have to go the 26 hours that I did before they finally had to do the C-section. Did they not give you percased (sp) for the pain?


At 3:49 AM, Blogger S. said...

Oh, Jessica, how wonderful -- a BOY! And I love his name.

Sorry you're still feeling a bit poorly. Hopefully you're over the worst of it and will be able to move without wincing soon.

Can't wait for pictures and the conclusion to your exciting story -- even though I know how it ends.

At 4:36 AM, Blogger S. said...

Forgot to mention he looks he has full-on attitude already. But maybe it's just the photo.

At 6:11 AM, Blogger Zee said...

HI Jessica! Congratulations to you and Bob! He is soo cute and I was going to mention that the baby does look angry...I wonder if all babies make faces when they are born? Mind you I have seen my sister and a good friend give birth...(remember how I mentioned to you that ovaries actually exploded when I saw the whole birth thing,!, lol). Yes, extremely traumatic.

Well, enjoy little Seth.

Congrats again!



At 11:20 PM, Blogger Ellen said...

Congrats Bob and Jess! He's adorable! We hope to get over and see him soon. Take care. Uncle Dan and Aunt Ellen

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Hi Danielle,

After the c-section, they gave me a nice big shot of morphine. Then the nurses gave me periodic shots of something wonderful called Toradil (sp), plus a self-administered morphine drip. After my IV was removed, they alternated between ibuprofin and Vicoden. So as you see, in the hospital, I was very comfortable.

I would've remained comfortable at home if I had not developed a post-operative complication called "air under the diaphram." The Vicoden is keeping the pain partially under control, which is allowing me to remain somewhat functional. I can nurse and (usually) lift the baby out of his cradle. And I can get out of most chairs. On the worst days before I was taking the Vicoden, I couldn't do anything! I was doubled over in pain and actually cried. (I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe I cried!)


Thank you. I'm glad you like the name Seth. Let me tell you, it didn't go over well with some of the family. It caused a lot of confusion. My grandma is still baffled and can't pronounce it. :)

Zoe, this kid makes so many faces... it totally cracks me up. I asked my mom if all babies made faces, and she said yes, they're just more precious when the faces belong to someone who's yours.

Aunt Ellen,

Thank you. Hope to see you and Uncle Dan soon!


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