Thursday, March 02, 2006

New milestone

My wedding ring has been getting tighter and tighter, so last night I finally pulled it off to see if I could still get it off. It almost didn't come off. I really had to pull, and it hurt like crazy.

I don't know about you, but whenever I've gained a couple of pounds in the past, my ring would be hard to get off, but it would slide back on fairly easily. Not this time. I almost didn't get it back on, and then I started crying. Not because I was fat, but because I couldn't wear my wedding ring. I finally forced it back on, which was a really bad move. My finger was now throbbing and went numb overnight.

I tried to get it off using the dental-floss trick this morning, but I couldn't remember how the trick worked, and I did it wrong. Then I tried dishsoap and hand lotion, but to no avail. Finally this afternoon I looked up the dental-floss trick. I found a message board with a ton of tricks, such as wrapping dental floss around your finger to bind it, using Windex, soap, warm water, cool water, etc. Apparently though, the secret jeweler trick is Preparation-H -- yes, folks, that right, use hemmorroid cream to reduce swelling and remove your ring.

I decided to save that one as a last resort. I wrapped some floss around my finger and soaped it up. It took a couple minutes of painful tugging, but I finally got the ring off. I think I'm going to buy a bigger replacement ring, because I can't stand the thought of walking around without a wedding band, especially not when I'm pregnant. I'm way too old to be walking around looking like I got pregnant by accident. :)


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous grandma said...

My,Oh, my! I know how how you feel. I cried when I couldn't wear my wedding Ring either. I think that was when I pregnent with Aunt eileen. I was 28....So you see..

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Zee said...

((((hugs)))) Jessica.

I cannot relate to the wedding ring story, but I will tell you a story of my own.

I am only 5' 2.5" tall. Meaning that I am short.

I was at 175 lbs and I could not fit into any of my clothes...I remember that my sister had been invited to a party and she wanted me to go with her.

I think it was more so that she could look better...she is a size 7 or 6...yes, she can be that mean sometimes.

I cried so much, I thought my heart would break..but I did not get serious about eating better until 2 years after.

I had to laugh though at you thinking that walking around pregnant without a wedding ring would get people talking!! Too funny.

My little baby brother is 13 1/2 years younger than me. He and I were always very close and I used to take him everywhere with me.

One time, I was on the bus...I had taken him to the store. He must have been 2 years old at the time. He had fallen asleep in my arms....I remember that the ladies on the bus were giving me such dirty looks...I was angry then, but now, I just look back and laugh at the experience.


At 7:04 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

My sister is tiny, too. She's 5'6" and weighs something like 106 pounds. She's not mean about the weight difference, though. It's terrible to think your sister would do that to you.

Just today, I recommitted myself to eating healthier. I'm ashamed of myself for feeding this baby crap all the time. I'll keep everyone posted.

Isn't it funny how people assumed the two year old was yours? You'd think a more natural assumption would be that you were a baby sitter or a nanny.

At 7:36 PM, Blogger Sherri said...

awwwww...... hang in there jessica. Only a few more months to go.

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Right now, I'm wearing a cheap little trinket ring that I bought in Florida on our honeymoon. At the time, it was a thumb ring! Now I'm wearing it on my ring finger. :)

At 3:53 AM, Blogger Zee said...

You are feeding little KB junk? You are such a bad mommie! LOL

I have a friend who is very skinny and she eats junk everyday... potato chips, candies, etc. One day, someone gave her an organic was supposed to make her feel good and energized!! She got very very sick...we concluded that her body was sooo used to junk food that eating healthy made her the point of almost throwing

Ever see that episode of "Married with Children"? when Peggy got the STrongest Man in chicago to be her personal trainer and she ended up killing him with junk food, lol.

If you are going to start eating better, do it slow.


At 4:45 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Keeping you posted: I hate eating healthy foods.

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Valerie & Kiera said...

You could wear it around your neck on a nice gold chain.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Awww, so it's close to my heart, right? :)


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