Monday, November 14, 2005

My first OB visit

My first OB visit held quite a shock. I walked into the waiting room and my jaw dropped. Standing there was Bob's Aunt Marilyn and his cousin Danielle, who is a brand new mom. My OB was her OB! This could have been a disaster because I hadn't told anyone about the pregnancy yet. We were planning to wait until I was at least eight weeks!

I simply pretended to be there for my annual pap smear. I think it worked. :)

I received an ultrasound during this visit and saw the baby move for the first time. I also learned that if you have irregular periods, doctors merely guess at how far along you are by measuring the size of the baby and uterus. Thus, I walked in believing I was seven weeks and walked out with a revised estimate of eight-and-a-half weeks and a due date of June 29, 2005. I left those ultrasound pix at my Aunt Cindy's house downstate, so I can't post them for your enjoyment.

Oh, yeah. I also quickly realized that my OB was a jerk, so I vowed to find someone else. I wonder how cousin Danielle feels about him...


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